Offshore Tooling

In conjunction with our overseas counterparts, Kruis Mold & Engineering has been offering high-quality, cost-effective offshore tooling options to our customers since 2003. Over that timespan we've visited, assessed, and worked with a number of suppliers in an effort to ensure that our offshore builds carry the same level of quality that our customers have come to expect from our domestic builds.

Program Features
  • We supervise and sign off on all tooling designs.
  • We send U.S. personnel overseas to supervise the mold sampling before the tool ships.
  • We stand behind our offshore builds 100%. This means we warranty and service the tools the same as if we'd built them ourselves.


Kruis Mold is a world class tool shop that pays attention to details. They've partnered with top notch suppliers overseas that complement and enhance their services. As a customer, we are continually pleased with their competitive prices, on time delivery, and especially their high quality expectations. As a result, we have enjoyed an excellent, long-term and headache-free customer/supplier relationship.

-- Dwyer Instruments