In conjunction with our sister company, Indiana Plastics, we've been offering production injection molding to our customers since 1966. Since our inception we've built a solid reputation in the injection molding industry through a coordinated blend of several key elements: design, engineering, mold manufacturing, efficient production, and all-encompassing service. For more information regarding our injection molding operations, please visit


  • Horizontal injection molding machines
  • Vertical rotary injection molding machines
  • Machine tonnage from 75 ton to 330 ton
  • Shot sizes ranging from .02 grams up to 2 pounds
  • Molding tolerances as tight as +/- .0002"
  • All of our new machines are electric
  • Cycle time as fast as 2.5 seconds (8-cavity mold)
  • Success rate of 99% when re-working close-tolerance molds to compensate for material shrinkage/warpage on the first attempt

Specialty: Insert and Over Molding

  • We can mold around inserts in either our horizontal machines or our vertical machines with rotary tables
  • Our vertical rotary machines are great for insert molding because they accommodate shuttle molds with one top and two bottoms. An operator can load inserts into one bottom while the other bottom is engaged with the "A" half, effectively cutting your cycle time in half