Kruis Mold & Engineering has been in the business of designing and building custom injection molds since 1958. Our full-capability tooling shop can help take your company's product from the design stage, through the tool build, and even into production. Our management and engineering teams work diligently and efficiently with our customers to ensure that the molds which leave our shop meet all of the customer's requirements, are only of the highest quality, and are delivered ON TIME.

We Are Experts At Building Various Mold Types for the Plastics Industry

  • High-Quality, Close-Tolerance Injection Molds (+/- .0001")
  • Prototype Injection Molds (Fast Delivery, High-Quality Builds)
  • Aluminum Injection Molds
  • Shuttle/Rotary Molds With Multiple Bottoms
  • Hot Runner Molds
  • Insert Molds
  • Unscrewing Molds and Molds With Complex Core Pulls, Slides, and/or Lifters

Program Features

  • Personal Communication With One of our Experienced Project Managers
  • Weekly Gantt Chart Timeline Updates Available
  • Detailed Design Review Meetings For Customer Approval of Critical Aspects (Gate and Ejector Pin Locations, Parting Line Approval, Texture/Finish Requirements, Cavity and Part ID, etc)
  • Expedited Delivery Available